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5 Best Long Range Outdoor WI-FI Extenders

5 Best Long Range Outdoor WI-FI Extenders
As the name suggests, a wifi extender provides you with extended signals over a wide range of areas both indoors and outdoors. A Wifi extender helps you to browse videos, connect to your work and social media at the same speed as you’d get close to a wireless router. Wifi extenders were created to provide you with...

These are the best Alternatives for TIKTOK

tiktok best alternatives
As you all know that Tik Tok is no more available on Google Play Store and iOS app store. Before the ban, it is a well-known fact, some people were using it to showcase their talent while others were propagating Vulgarity using the application. That's the reason the government had to be hard and it banned the application. But...

The best gadgets from IFA 2016

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