These are the best Alternatives for TIKTOK

As you all know that Tik Tok is no more available on Google Play Store and iOS app store. Before the ban, it is a well-known fact, some people were using it to showcase their talent while others were propagating Vulgarity using the application. That’s the reason the government had to be hard and it banned the application. But yeah, you don’t need to worry at all. We are here for you and we have a list of 5 best Tik Tok alternatives that you can download from Google Play Store or iOS app store to show your talent. So here we go with the list.

1 Dubsmash

Dubsmash is one of the best alternatives for Tik Tok. It is a popular app and had a wide user base some time back. You can lip-sync dialogues of movies etc. This might not be as popular as Tik Tok, however, people can demonstrate their talent using this application. We hope it won’t be used to spread vulgarity as happened with Tik Tok. A great alternative though.

Download: iOS & Android

2 Like App

Like is another Tik Tok like an app which has features similar to Tik Tok Just like Tik Tok it can be downloaded from both Google Play Store and Apple store. Using more than 250 special effects in the Like App you may add these to your videos and show your creativity. It already has all the features like lip-syncing, dubbing and many more that you’d otherwise use in Tik Tok or Dubsmash. So this is Tik Tok’s 2nd alternative.

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Download: iOS & Android

3 Vigo Video

Vigo Video may also be termed as another alternative for Tik Tok after the latter has been banned. Vigo had been a big competitor for the Tik Tok earlier. It has all the features that you’d find in the Tik Tok app. It has the option for musical video, lip-sync video that’s lip-syncing, dubbing, slow-motion, collab video and much more. The interesting thing about this is the more views and likes you get on Vigo you’ll get more ‘flames’  which is like points and these points can be converted to real money. Interesting?

Download: iOS & Android

4 Cheez

Cheez is another platform for creating videos that can be considered as an alternative to Tik Tok. Just like Tik Tok if your video goes viral, you can earn rewards. Even if you are not making videos on this app by just signing in daily and watching videos you can still earn the rewards. Talking of the videos, you’ll get a lot of video editing tools in this app like trim, Cut, Merge, duplicate anything and everything that helps you edit the video perfectly. It is built-in features like lip sync, music video etc. just like Tik Tok.

Download: iOS & Android

5 Funimate

Funimate is again a Tik Tok like the fun app. You can easily create and edit videos here. This app is available on both Google play store and Apple store. This app has more than 4.5 million downloads on the app stores. This can be an easy alternative to Tik Tok to showcase your talent and creativity. It has got features like lip-syncing, slow motion, musical, dance videos and many more.

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Download: iOS & Android

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